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Just made my second etsy shop today and got a few new toddler and infant items in to share. I will now be using selenesian.etsy.com exclusively for vintage and berchtasbelly1.etsy.com for all my handmade baby items. Hope you enjoy!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade
Hey guys,
I just pulled in $1000 last month from selling shirts online. YES, $1000!!!
Its so easy. I just use the website http://www.spreadshirt.com (theres also http://www.cafepress.com) and opened up my FREE stores of tshirts I designed on there. I dont have to worry about shipping them or making them. These companies do that for you. Best of all, it didnt cost a dime to do this. My biggest sellers last month was my Twilight-themed shirts.
I hope my story gives some hope to some of you out there! Making money online is possible!!

An example of the tshirts I do:

HomeMade Market is stocking in 3 days!!

Come check out HomeMade Market on Oct 17 at 12noon EST. We have some new goodies...some new low prices...and a new category too!!

Welcome to the LJ WAHM Network!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Live Journal Network!  Please feel free to post your websites, products, sales, etc.!!

Have fun with this great opportunity to reach more customers around the world!!